Mommy Mind


mommy mindWe have already talked about “mom brain”, buts let’s discuss “mommy mind”. Mommy mind never stops, no matter how hard we try. What I mean is that moms are always thinking about a million things at once, which may lead to mommy brain inevitably. Did I make wellness visit appointments? Did I lay out their school uniforms the night before? Did I pack all of their lunches? Did I do enough this Summer for them? I find myself worrying about so many things that I have no control over, not to mention the things I do have control over. We ask ourselves so many questions, never knowing the answers at times.

I have three boys, which each have very different personalities. With my middle child, I worry if he will make it to his 18th birthday with both eyes and all his limbs still intact. I mean, he broke his leg at age three and has had goose eggs on his head numerous times. My oldest is by far my most sensitive and oh so intelligent that he gives me a run for my money most days. My youngest will either win Ninja Warrior or an Olympic Gold Medal.

Many have asked me how I remember so many things especially when I was working and going to grad school. I simply say it is a mommy trait. A friend of mine always used to refer to me as the responsible “mom” of our group of friends long before I had children. I always like to be prepared, because I don’t want to be caught off guard. There is nothing more humbling than being caught without a diaper when your baby has a blowout! Mine are all potty trained, and I still have a diaper and wipes in my truck!!

There are times I forget and feel like a failure. We are all doing a great job, and we all have personal expectations for ourselves. I am here to tell you that you are an awesome mom and doing a great job. Please be kind to moms as they have so many things on their mind. I am happy to share any tips I have gained over my short 9 years as a mom. I’ll write about them here with LMC, but comment below with any questions you might have.


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