Jerusha Caple

Jerusha Caple
I am a TN native who graduated from MTSU with a B.S. in Construction Management. I met my husband on eHarmony and decided to relocate to his hometown in Louisville, KY. I was in the construction field for eight years, during which I graduated from ERAU with my Masters in Project Management. I decided to pause my career to focus on my three boys who are now 8, 5, and 4 as well as our two dogs.
i am one of those moms

I am One of “Those” Moms

Yes, I am one of those moms I said I would never become... zoning out mindlessly, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Oh, yes, I can see those eyes rolling at the screen now. Let...
diy advent calendar ideas

DIY Advent Calendar

Last year was the first year I ever got an advent calendar for my boys. I just happened to find a half-price Lego one a few days into December. They were too excited to...
learning to read by graphic novels

Learning to Read by Graphic Novels

I never thought I'd say it, but I highly recommend learning to read by graphic novels! My oldest seemed to learn to read overnight. He started first grade barely reading any words and was...
easy easter egg crafts

Easy Easter Egg Crafts

I am constantly boggled at the number of excess items we acquire in our house. One of those is plastic Easter Eggs, and I guess because we have three children... triple everything. Anyway, they...

Weekly Wine Specials in Louisville

If you are anything like me, you have learned to enjoy a glass of wine after dinner to relax. How about enjoying a glass or bottle with your dinner? Here is a list of...
movie theater rental road trip

Movie Theater Rental Road Trip

Looking for something new and exciting to do with your family (and maybe some friends)? I highly recommend trying out a movie theater rental road trip - as opposed to a traditional road trip! My...

Where to Recycle Christmas Trees and Lights

Christmas Tree Recycling For those of you who bought live Christmas trees this holiday season, here are a few places where you can recycle them in the Louisville area! Before dropping them off, be sure...
the winter games

The Winter Games

I remember fondly the memories of watching the Olympic Games as a child. I dreamed of being a gymnast but was told at the age of four that I was too "small" for gymnastics....
we made it

We Made It!

We made it! All three of my boys started school this year! This milestone is bittersweet though as my boys are quickly growing up. I am excited to see the little gentlemen I am...
easy twisty tie crafts

Easy Twisty Tie Crafts

My family goes through loaves of bread often, so we have a drawer full of twisty ties. You know me, and I have to find a way to reuse them besides closing up other...