Toddler Enrichment in Louisville


toddler enrichment in louisvilleIf you are a mama, then you know there is so much truth to the saying, “The years are short, but the days are long”. And, if you are a mama to one of those pint-sized littles, you know how important it can be to get them (and you!) out of the house when those days are feeling extra long. The answer, for many, is toddler enrichment classes.

Whether it be music, gymnastics, art, or more – it is nice to give those toddlers some social interaction with other kids their age and for mama to have interaction with other adults and a fun break in the daily routine.

There is something for every little one on this list!

And, if you have bigger kids… check out our Kids Activities Guide for more options.

Music and Movement

Get those little ones moving and grooving!

Heartland Music Together

Shine Music and Movement

School of Rock

Louies Kids -Music Lessons

Early Childhood Learning Opportunities

Spark an early love of learning.

KMAC Museum

Kentucky Science Center


Get those tiny creative juices flowing!

Speed Art Museum

Glow Worm Play Cafe

Louies Kids- Art Lessons

Reading and Storytime

Build early literacy skills by instilling a love of books.

Louisville Free Public Libraries

Macaroni Kid

Toddler Storytime


Future STEM kids!



Get those little toddler feet going in a team-building environment.

All About Kids Sports Center

My Gym Louisville

Indoor/Outdoor/Amusement Parks

Have fun indoors and outdoors!

Malibu Jack’s

Kentucky Kingdom

Do you have any other recommendations for what to do for toddler enrichment around Louisville and Kentuckiana? Let us know in the comments below!


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