10 Best Brunch Spots for Kids in Kentucky


10 Best Brunch Spots for Kids in KentuckyTaking your little ones to a Kentucky brunch spot for a filling meal is a win-win situation. On your side, you get to bond with your kids and show them around the town. For them, they can try new and delicious food while safely gaining new experiences. And let’s not forget the delicious meal that you can both enjoy. Here are the 10 best brunch spots for kids in Kentucky, including many right here in Louisville!

What to Consider for Kid-Friendly Brunch Spots

Before jumping into the kid-friendly brunch spots you should visit, here are some factors parents should consider:

  • Preferred food: Does your family have any dietary restrictions? What does your kid want to eat? Since brunch is likely the first meal of the day and your child is hungry, they may be more willing to try new foods with different flavors and textures. Taking them out is great for weeding out picky eating habits.
  • The restaurant interior: Are there adults drinking alcohol early in the day at that spot? Is it overly noisy or crowded? Many parents may be conscious about exposing their kids to these habits when out and about. Check reviews to ensure that you’re settling with a spot that has a kid-friendly atmosphere.
  • The budget: Brunch is cost-efficient since you have one meal instead of two. That said, organize your budget before heading out. Most restaurants share their menu online nowadays. Have a quick look before deciding where to go. You can ask your kid about what they’d choose to get them excited, too.
  • Exact meal time: When is brunch? Too early or too late in the day may ruin appetites. The standard middle ground is to eat around 11 a.m., since the whole premise of brunch is that the meal should combine breakfast and lunch. Clear out your morning calendar.
  • After-brunch plans: As most brunch dates happen on the weekends, your next question should be about what you and your kid will do after. You can take them to the Comfy Cow in Louisville or other local dessert places to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. Opt to arrange activities like walking in the park or going to a shopping mall.

Kentucky’s Kid-Friendly Restaurants to Visit

A restaurant is a kid-friendly brunch spot if it has a lovely ambiance and menus for the younger ones. This list provides ten great options to visit with your family.

1. Wild Eggs

Wild Eggs are at the top of the brunch game. They have eight different locations in Kentucky that serve hearty plates. Kids can order the breakfast plate with a nice serving of two eggs and two pieces of bacon or sausage with toast and fruit on the side. If they want to lean more on the breakfast side, they can request pancakes or french toast.

2. J Graham’s Cafe

J Graham’s Cafe is an excellent brunch spot inside the Brown Hotel. It gives a premium feel, but the food is warm and homey. You can take your pick from different sandwiches, but you just have to get their famous Hot Brown. It has roasted turkey breast on toast with cheese, sauce, tomatoes and bacon.

3. Biscuit Belly

Biscuit Belly in Kentucky can help fulfill your craving for Southern food with its delicious biscuit sandwiches. If you want to go classic, there are biscuits and gravy. The most difficult decision is what kind — while the mushroom gravy is delicious, turning down the special goetta sausage gravy can be tricky. Their kid’s menu is also well-rounded, even including easy-to-eat mini biscuits as an option.

4. Le Moo

Le Moo is a sophisticated spot to bring your older kids to. While the restaurant is best known for its fabulous dinner selection, it now offers a great brunch menu with items like omelets and waffles. On the kid’s menu, children with an appetite can request sirloin steak and potatoes. There’s also grilled cheese and the unbeatable egg-bacon-toast combo.

5. Morning Fork Louisville

Morning Fork prides itself on providing the ultimate brunch experience in Louisville. Patrons can look forward to chicken and waffles or steak and eggs on its list of entrees. You can choose a country breakfast with two eggs of your preferred doneness, bread and meat from the brunch section.

6. 80/20 at Kaelin’s

There’s an alfresco area, 80/20 at Kaelin’s, to enjoy brunch and the breeze with your kid outside. If the weather is a little warmer, grab a malt milkshake to sip while having their infamous and saucy 80/20 burger. There are also chicken tender baskets — just remember to choose the not-hot option if your child doesn’t do well with spice.

7. Twig And Leaf

Twig and Leaf in Louisville offers a cozy interior that makes dining feel dreamy. They have a build-your-own omelet that kids are sure to enjoy. Let them customize the fillings and toppings. Plus, there’s some toast and jelly on the side to balance it all.

8. Impellizzeri’s

Craving a nice cheesy slice on the weekend? Impellizzeri’s was nominated as the best pizza pie in the state. Bring your kids right before noon to enjoy a whole pizza. Order some salad to enjoy on the side and offer your kid to try a bit. The antipasto salad is full of provolone and mozzarella among other things, which can be delectable.

9. Havana Rumba

Havana Rumba offers great Carribean sandwiches and Cuban pork that start your day on the right note. That said, their empanadas are some of their best sellers for a reason. There are spinach and cheese variations if you want to be healthier.

10. Glow Worm Cafe & Play

Have kids six or younger? Glow Worm Cafe & Play is a lovely cafe to bring them to during brunch time. There’s an indoor playground where they can play with children their age. There are also paninis and snack packs to munch on for a lighter meal.

Have the Best Brunch with Kids

There are plenty of kid-friendly restaurants to choose from all over Kentucky. Make the plans and head on out to try new things. You and your child might just find your new favorite spot.


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