Yoto {My Secret to a Screen-Free Gift}

Even though Yoto sponsored this post, you can guarantee the views and recommendations represented here are entirely, utterly, and 100% our own!

yoto my secret to a screen-free gift

Guys… have you met Yoto {my secret to a screen-free gift}?

I know Yoto sponsored this blog, but you must know…. I sought after them. 

Why? Because Yoto is the one item I would recommend to absolutely anyone with kids of pretty much any age. And with the holidays around the corner, I wanted parents to know about Yoto.

Every teacher needs this in their classroom! It is perfect for a reading corner or silently listening to a story and following along in the book.

And, every home needs one. I mean, really – how many times can the book fall on your face while drifting off reading before you decide enough is enough?

But, it’s not JUST a story-reader… it is also a radio, music card player, alarm clock, customizable night light, soothing device, story-reader, podcast listener, bluetooth speaker, white noise maker, and more! Little pixelated pictures show up on the display for your kid’s entertainment.

yoto my secret to a screen-free gift

I’m getting ahead of myself – let me tell you how we stumbled upon Yoto.

My son has pretty high-level sensory issues. When the school tested him in grade school, he topped almost every scale. As a result, we found ourselves in occupational therapy, and the first thing they said was, “No more screen time.”

Like… NONE.  Zip, zero, completely off all screens.

Serendipitously, an Instagram advertisement appeared showing a little girl using her Yoto. I was intrigued. It looked like it could be a solution to no screen time.

We purchased the Yoto with a pack of Roald Dahl story cards. The world of James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, and George’s Marvelous Medicine filled my son’s mind where Roblox and YouTube once were stationed. We quickly expanded our pack of stories to include classics like The Jungle Book and Anne of Green Gables, and we even tested out Award-winning series like Rockford’s Rock Opera.

Consider us blown away! My teenager sat in the room and listened to Yoto with her younger brother, and they both groaned with disappointment when the Rockford’s Rock Opera story card ended. But, lucky for them – Yoto released a four-pack of audio cards and on Christmas morning, their stockings will each hold the story!

Then, came the pandemic. For my son, who at the time was homeschooled, the pandemic meant every social connection came to an instantaneous hault. He did not have the option of Zoom classes, and his small groups all stopped meeting. Understandably, that hit hard.

In the mornings, he would turn on Yoto radio. The chipper radio host gave fun facts and information during his segment, concluding with birthday wishes. He felt connected to the world. We wrote in to see if our kiddo could be mentioned on the birthday shout-outs. They said they were considering ending the program, but if they kept it going, he would have a spot.

His birthday month came along, and we clicked on his radio where he heard a cheery “happy birthday” come through the Yoto player. A smile splashed across his face. In the midst of so many changes, the generous crew at Yoto looked out for the world’s kids, making sure they had moments of joy and consistency. There are not enough “thank you”s for their attention and care.

yoto my secret to a screen-free gift

Since then – Yoto has only gotten better! They released a mini-player, more stories and music, and accessories! They have “make your own” cards, Disney (yes, even Encanto), Star Wars, lullabies, classic Christmas tales, Big Nate, the Gruffalo, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Magic Tree House series, meditations, fairy tales, non-fiction, a whole slew of podcasts, music stations from around the world, and… so… much… more!

Furthermore – they have an app to go with your Yoto. This means when you are on the go, traveling, or away from home, you have access to your entire library!! If you lose a card (because, let’s be honest… our kids lose things), don’t worry! You can select on your app for it to play on your kiddo’s Yoto. 

 Or, if you have a different app you want to use such as Calm or Insight Timer, you can! Just bluetooth it to the Yoto, and you are set. The other day, my teenage daughter wanted to listen to music while she studied, so she sent Harry’s House to her brother’s Yoto and jammed away. 

Yoto is without doubt the absolute best Christmas present I have bought for my kids. We continue to add to their collection with cards and accessories. Had I known about Yoto from birth, we would have had a player their entire lives… and my kids are a pre-teen and a teenager now! 

This holiday season, check out Yoto! Don’t stop with the holidays – it’s perfect for birthdays, baby showers, or an alternative to screen time. Yoto is a gift that will give back far more than you would imagine. 

For our readers this shopping season, Yoto is giving a special savings of $10 off any purchase of $50 or more (expires 12/31/2022. Only one discount code can be used at a time and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts).

Use the code YOTOMOMCOLLECTIVE10 when purchasing, and unlock the hidden magic of Yoto! 

Now… who says you can’t love a “thing”? Get ready to meet Yoto for yourself, and you’ll fall in love. It’ll become YOUR secret to the perfect screen-free gift.



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