Top Costco Buys to Make Life Easier


I am a student, a mom, a marathoner, an employee, a wife… and exhausted. Every shortcut that can make my life easier, I’m taking it. Just like I have to do for myself, you sometimes have to take a step back and remind yourself that it is okay to use pre-prepped foods and take shortcuts. Here are some of my top Costco buys to make my life easier.

Liquid IV – Girl, I don’t have time to drink half my body weight in water every day! I have time for half that… maybe. One 16 oz cup of water with Liquid IV is equivalent to 48 oz of water without it. That’s what I call doubling (or tripling!) down on your time! Costco already has the best price per packet but sometimes puts it on sale, and it’s a steal. I stock up then. Note :: There is usually only one or two flavor options in-store, but you can find more flavor options (and FREE shipping!) on the Costco website.

Protein drinks – Choose your poison. We like the Kirkland brand chocolate banana almond milk drinks, but many of my runner friends love the Premier Protein brand. These are a great on-the-go breakfast for me or my husband, as well as a great post-run pick-me-up. 

RX bars – Buying RX bars at the grocery is expensive! The bulk package gives you less flavor options but at a much better price. Again, a great on-the-go breakfast item or post-run pick-me-up. I even use them to curb my sweet tooth when I’m craving candy. 

Over-the-counter medicines – I buy everything from allergy medicine for the whole family to vitamins and heartburn medicine at Costco. I can get an entire year’s supply of Kirkland-brand Zyrtec for less than one month of the name brand at a regular pharmacy. I even fill my dog’s prescriptions here, because they are so much cheaper!

Diapers and wipes – Word on the street is that Kirkland brand diapers are made by the same company that makes Huggies. They are very cushy and well-made, and you get more per box for a lower price than the name brands. Similarly, Kirkland brand wipes come unscented and in quality packaging that isn’t too hard to reseal. I have encountered name brand wipe containers that don’t reseal well, and the wipes dry out. What a waste of money! With the bulk option, we spend less time rushing to the store for diapers and just go to the hall closet for the next sleeve.

Hardboiled eggs – When pregnant AND marathon training, and later breastfeeding, I was very conscious of the amount of choline I was consuming. So, I ate eggs. A lot of eggs. After a while, even the Instant Pot hack wasn’t sufficient to keep up with my hardboiled egg snacking. I discovered that Costco sells pre-peeled hardboiled eggs (packaged in twos) in a box of 32. This was the best investment in my time I made during those months.

Crates – I know Costco will give you all the cardboard boxes you need to carry your items home, but hear me out. They sell these collapsible crates, and they will change your life. I use them to bring things home from Costco (obviously) but so many other things, too. Examples include taking things to Once Upon a Child to sell, packing non-clothing items for vacation, toting paperwork and swag items for work, and so much more. 

Bread – Bread at Costco is buy two for the price of one. This includes coveted brands like Dave’s Killer Bread. Even if we aren’t eating that all in a short time, I will toss the second loaf in the freezer to keep until we need it. 

Powder Tide – This is the only laundry detergent I use now. I drank the GoCleanCo Kool-aid while I was pregnant, and I will clean everything with hot water and Tide (adding bleach when needing to disinfect) until the day I die. It cleans everything.

None of these things is earth shattering, but they make my life a little easier. Take a minute, mama, and make a list of the items your family uses all the time. Do some research about the time you invest in making or gathering those items and if there is a way to reclaim a little of that time. You deserve a little more MTO (Mom Time Off).


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