The End of Paper Coupons and Mail In Rebates


I remember my mom kept a huge banker’s box of UPCs in our garage. Back in the day, most companies offered rebates for free items and you didn’t even have to pay the postage or show the original receipt! My mom would carefully cut out UPCs and put them in the box for us to dig through later when a rebate was available. We would love to dig through all of the pieces of paper and find joy when we found enough for something free. I guess this is why I love consignment shops and digging through row after row of items to find a new treasure.

I still have a few items, especially those that were monogrammed with my name on them. I don’t know about you, but I’ve yet to find my name on any item in a gift shop. One of the diaper companies used to offer a $50 savings bond after you purchased so many diapers. I was always disappointed because my brother got one, but they discontinued the program before mom had enough to get mine.  I know I was thankful for cashing in my Pampers points for a large item for each of my sons such as plasma cars and a wagon.

I applied for a rebate for my boy’s favorite cereal the other day where you receive a free cereal bowl for purchasing three boxes and no shipping charge. All I had to do was scan my receipt with all three purchases and upload it to their website. I got an email shortly after, saying my rebate was approved and the item would be shipped at the end of the promotion. I can’t wait for my boys to receive it in the mail and their eyes light up like when I used to get my rebate items as a child.

I am all for the digital age, but there is something about cutting out a coupon rather than “clipping” in an app. 

There are also the ads in the flyers, which I used to cut out and make art with as a kid. If you ever watched the show Mad Men, Peggy’s first ad job was to design coupons because that was mostly for women. I am ever so thankful coupons are still available, though so I will roll with the times. But it is sad to see the end of paper coupons and rebates!


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