Easy Dental Floss Crafts


We have an abundance of regular floss in our house, so I decided to find some crafts to do with it. Don’t worry we all floss, but we buy the flossers instead. We will donate the rest to local charities that help the homeless or those without access to dental care.


You could use a smaller branch that is easily bent for the hoop, yarn instead of suede lace, and dental floss instead of a string. My boys love their dreamcatchers above their beds!

Fishing Line

You can use floss in lieu of fishing line! If you just want to pretend, make your own fishing rod out of a stick and tie your floss on the end with a safety pin for a hook.


Here is a fun way to teach your kids how to floss that every dentist will be proud of!


Make a garland with dental floss, a needle, and what ever you have lying around. You can make a popcorn garland, necklace, or bracelets!


I will admit that I would never have thought of this one.

Thread/Embroidery floss container

If you are like me, once you open embroidery floss they often become tangled so why not put in a floss container to easily distribute?

Tiny Bow and Arrow 

With three boys, they all love bows and arrows. This is super easy with craft sticks, dental floss, and Qtips. Must have adult supervision to cut the slits in the stick.

Tooth Fairy Box 

This reuses the floss container to make a box for your teeth! I feel so uncool that my boys have a tooth fairy pillow instead.

Treasure Locket 

How cute! A locket to wear!


I wasn’t a boy scout so had no clue how to whip the end of a rope from fraying.

We would love to see your ideas for other floss uses and what you create. Please tag us using #MomsAroundLouisville.


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