7 Easy Baby Shower Gifts


It has been a while since I was invited to a baby shower, but here are some of my favorite homemade gifts that I used to make, which also used up baskets that I always ended up accumulating.

I have always found that everyone loves how much time and effort I put into each. Also, I had always heard not to roll the diapers as they are harder to use later. I had researched other ways to make cakes, so the diapers were not manipulated too much. I hope this list of 7 easy baby shower gifts helps inspire some creativity in your next baby shower gift!

Diaper Cake

I use a paper towel tube in the middle and large rubber bands on each level of diapers.  I found that using a round cake pan helps to make the diaper shape.


Diaper Flower Basket

If you are in a rush and don’t have time to make a cake, this is a quick alternative! Just line a large basket (without a large handle over top) with tissue paper and then drape diapers over edges in a flower petal pattern. Insert other presents in between the diapers or in the middle.

Blanket – Easy tie blankets

Simply cut two identical pieces of cloth (I usually find scraps at the local craft store) and cut strips on the edges. Tie them together – no sewing is required!

A Basket of Necessities

I found that giving full size and travel size of each item was very well received. The full size was for the nursery or bathroom, while the travel size fits in the diaper bag. I always displayed them in a basket as well as other items I found instead of just throwing them in a gift bag.

Hooded Baby Towels

I loved getting these as well as using these!  I was so sad when my boys outgrew them.

No Sew Bandana Bib

I wish I had made some of these because my boys went thru bibs like crazy!

Coupon Booklet

You can also make a coupon booklet for the expectant parents. Fill out coupons for babysitting, meals, cleaning, or anything else that would help them. I know I was so thankful when people came over for just an hour so I could catch up on laundry or dishes.

Let us know your favorite baby shower gifts to give and receive!


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