A New Year :: Hoping for the Best


Most people have a New Year’s resolution and I am sure the resolutions for 2021 will be even bigger than ever. With every new year, we are always hoping for the best. We have all had extra time with family and reflected on the most important parts of our lives. I expect most of us will be staying up late with family on New Year’s Eve celebrating and hoping for a better year. I know we will be participating in a virtual trivia game!

The first day of the year is and will always be special to me.

My second son was born on New Years Day. Yep, I rang in the New Year in Labor/Delivery Triage that year with a skeleton crew of nurses. He was the third baby to be delivered that morning, on the first day of the year, right after a set of twins. We always joke that he will likely never have to work on his birthday and will always be able to watch a Super Bowl football game.

I know that having a holiday birthday may have some of its downsides, but we try to overcome that. We take all of our Christmas decorations down the day after Christmas to ensure he knows his birthday is separate from Christmas. We have multiple December birthdays in our family, so I know birthdays near the holidays can be tough. His two brothers both have June birthdays, only five days apart, which also poses challenges in keeping them separate.

I know that everyone wants 2020 to end. With a new year, we are hoping for the best. 

We all have high expectations for 2021, for it to be anything other than the events this past year. Will you have any New Year’s Resolutions?  Will you be starting a new diet or joining a gym? Will you be making more of an effort to spend time with family and friends?

I believe all of us will be making changes in 2021 due to the events of 2020 just like any other year that we strive to better ourselves.  Please remember to be kind as we all navigate our new “normals”.


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