Saying Goodbye to Our COVID-19 Companion


Just when we thought 2020 could not get any worse, we had to put our 14-year-old dog down. A few days after Christmas, when most families are enjoying all their new presents, we were saying farewell to our constant companion of almost 12 years. I know our whole family was so thankful to have Charles during the pandemic though. Saying goodbye to our COVID-19 companion was much harder than we anticipated. He provided moral support during the lockdown, through virtual learning, and to his furry little sister.

We were reluctant to look or even apply to adopt another dog. I know most people say their dog is the best dog ever, but ours truly was. He loved everyone he ever met and gently reminded you when he needed more “pets” as we said. He was our first baby boy and he welcomed each and every baby boy we brought home. He never complained or  asked for anything. As he aged, he acquired more and more ailments, but never once was a burden.

When we got our younger dog at four months old (she was a pre-pandemic puppy), Charles was already twelve years old. We wanted him to have a companion in his last days as well as hope she learned his good behaviors. I taught her to play gently with Charles and even lay down to play. I truly think she helped him through his last months with us.

A week ago, we made the decision to apply for another puppy. Diana has been grieving the loss of Charles and has been very anxious. I was skeptical if she would allow another dog in the house as Charles was really her only dog friend due to lockdown. She was a bit cautious at first, but she has taken on the big sister role like a champ. She needed a job, as she is a herding dog. Now, she has one. She is constantly supervising him and rounds him up when I holler for him. She even corrects him before I can and alerts me when he needs to go to the potty.

No dog will ever replace Charles as he has left a pawprint on all of our hearts forever. He made me a dog person. I truly believe he let me know when it was time to let him go.  Thank you, Charles, for hanging on through one of the toughest years ever. I have seen so many of my friends who have also lost their companions in the last few months and I know they are all making friends over the rainbow bridge.

Please be kind to your vet and vet assistant as they are taking care of your furry family members. They often have a tireless, thankless job, but I will never forget the care given to our sweet boy in his last years.


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