Daddy-Daughter Dance Ideas to Make the Day Extra Special


daddy-daughter dance ideasFather-daughter dances are excellent for making little girls feel like the princesses they are to their dads. There’s something so special about being a daddy’s girl—these dances are great for showcasing that. These daddy-daughter dance ideas will make you want to run over to Lexington to Fayette Mall to find the cutest dress for your daughter and the right ensemble for your spouse. You can’t forget about the daddy-daughter dance food ideas too! Stop by Buck’s restaurant for inspiration while you’re in town. 

1. The Roaring 20s 

The roaring 20s are one of the best themes for a dance. The roaring 20s allows you to travel back in time to the prohibition era and dress the part. How adorable will your daughter be in a little flapper dress with pearls? You can also find vintage evening gowns that go with the theme. 

Dress your gentleman to look dapper in suspenders and a fedora to look the part. Use black and gold to decorate the space with traditional Gatsby colors. This theme is relatively simple to decorate. The best daddy-daughter dance food ideas for this theme could be egg rolls, deviled eggs or Caesar salad. 

2. Candy Land 

Candy Land is an excellent daddy-daughter dance idea for the littles. Immerse your princess in one of their favorite board games to bond with their dad. You can decorate with balloon candies, inflatable lollipop suckers and streamers. Any kind of colorful decor would work great for this theme. 

You can set up different colored blocks on the floor as a path to the dance floor to mimic a Candy Land game board. This theme is so colorful and fun, every girl is sure to love it! Cupcakes would make some of the most perfect daddy-daughter dance food ideas for a Candy Land theme. A candy bar would also be perfect, and all the kids will love it! 

3. Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly kisses is one of the best daddy-daughter dance ideas, partly because of the song by Bob Carlisle from 1997. If you haven’t heard this beautiful song written about fatherhood, prepare for a tear-jerker as you watch your daughter and her dad dance the night away to this beautiful ballad. 

This adorable dance theme idea could be decked in butterfly decor with purple, blue and white balloons and streamers. With the right tablecloths, balloons, streamers and twinkle lights, this theme could be the most magical evening for your dad and daughter duo. Food ideas for this dance theme could be butterfly cookies, cupcakes or other creative butterfly-shaped finger foods. 

4. The Circus

A carnival or circus theme is one of the most fun daddy-daughter dance ideas. The daughters can dress like circus animals or tamers and dads could dress as clowns or other circus-related parts. Daddy-daughter dance food ideas are endless with this one! 

You can have all the carnival foods like funnel cakes, corn dogs, and frozen lemonade to add a little flair and make it more fun! A popcorn machine would be perfect for a circus-themed dance and offer inexpensive but tasty snacks! Decorate with classic red and white stripes to portray the circus theme backdrop. You could string balloon garland together from the floor to the middle of the ceiling to mimic a tent. 

5. Once Upon a Time

This is one of the most raved-about daddy-daughter dance themes. Travel through the fairytales with your little girl as they date the first and most important man in their life—their dad. Fairytales are where dreams come true, so this theme holds magic for girls of all ages. 

You can decorate with princess castles and tokens from specific fairytales. You can use mirrors and apples to represent Snow White, a glass slipper and fairy godmother for Cinderella and so on. The girls could dress as their favorite fairytale princess in a costume or choose the dress color to match the movie. Make this night magical for your little princess as her dad escorts her to a fairytale ball. 

6. Masquerade Ball 

What princess doesn’t dream of attending a ball? A masquerade ball is perfect for father-daughter dances and can feel like dress-up for girls of any age. Masks are fun to make and can be a fun project for you and your daughter leading up to the masquerade dance. Masquerade balls aren’t just known for their masks and their decadence. 

You’ll want to dress your little darling in a ball gown or classic colored dress. Stick with red, silver, black, white or dark green to stay with the theme. Decorate with chandeliers, lanterns and feathers to bring your event space to life. These would make the cutest daddy-daughter photos!

Daddy-Daughter Dance Ideas

Regardless of age, father-daughter dances are special. Every girl dreams of having a night to bond with their dad. We all know dads love to spoil their princesses and that doesn’t ever seem to change. Use these daddy-daughter dance ideas to create an unforgettable evening for your daughter and her dad. 


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