10 Kid Friendly Crafts to Reuse Glass Jars


We recycle many items within our house, but when it comes to the glass, I just always want to repurpose it. I always remember art teachers’ classrooms filled with glass jars to use for everything. Be sure to check out my article on making a glass bottle night light.  Here are a few easy crafts to do with those pickle, jelly, or canning jars.


What a great idea if you don’t have the time to keep up with a real aquarium!


This can be easily changed to fit your child’s age. You can paint the jar instead of spray paint and simply glue a picture on the jar rather than using mod podge.

Beach Terrarium 

I know my kids are dying to go to the beach so we will be sure to make these after!

Confetti Lanterns 

What a cute little portable light that you could use a battery tealight inside instead of a candle!

Galaxy Jars 

You can make these with plastic bottles as well if you don’t have any glass jars with lids.  All you need is glitter, cotton balls, paint, water, and a funnel.

Glass Paint 

Here is an easy recipe for glass paint with just glue and food coloring!

Herb Garden 

What a fun way to garden inside and enjoy the fruits of your labor for dinner!

Sensory Glitter Globes 

I have always enjoyed snow globes so here is the summer version called a glitter globe!  You just need a container, glitter, and corn syrup!

Simulated Stained Glass 

I can’t wait to try this one as I found these exact paints at the local craft store on clearance recently!

Time Capsules 

What a fun way to remember each year, summer break, or a vacation!

I hope you have fun with your kids making these crafts. Be sure to share how yours turned out by tagging us using #MomsAroundLouisville.


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