9 Tips for a Runner Mom

9 tips for a runner momWhile everyone is not a runner, I find that a lot of women like to return to or come to running after having kids. It’s a sort of “take your body back” movement. I was a cross country runner through middle and high school, casual runner for most of my adult life, and then really took it up a notch when I moved back to Louisville in 2019. While my running schedule and routes look different now, I didn’t want having kids to change my passion. I trained for my first and only marathon the year I had my first kiddo. It is doable to be a distance runner AND a present mom, but it takes some thoughtfulness. Here are my top 9 tips for a runner mom:
  1. You can use a jogging stroller as soon as you are released by your doctor if your pelvic floor is ready and you have the infant seat attachment. I really like Seneca Park‘s loop for a smooth, reliable stroller running space. The other parks have a lot of hills to conquer and the heavier your kiddo gets, the harder that gets.
  2. I personally love the Thule stroller because of the adjustable handlebar. They are harder to come by secondhand though but about the same price point new as a Bob. I wouldn’t stray into the other brands unless you’ve tried it out and know you like it, because a lot of things are marketed as “jogging” stroller that really are not. Always get inner-tube, inflatable tires and don’t get one with a fixed front wheel.
  3. The schedule can be tricky. If baby doesn’t mind being with you, shorter runs are easy during the week. If baby does mind, I found early mornings before baby woke up the easiest or midday lunch runs if baby is in childcare.
  4. Long runs are not for strollers unless necessary. If you have a supportive and available partner or friend/family member who can handle baby during those times, I would recommend going that route.
  5. If you’re breastfeeding, get fitted for new sports bras. Those tatas need support! I would recommend a brand with adjustable straps like SheFit or the knock off Amazon brands. Also on that note, really get to know your nursing and pumping schedule and plan runs to go right after you’ve emptied for comfort.
  6. Also on breastfeeding running mom, you will eat SO MUCH. It’s fine. Lean into it.
  7. I want to reiterate the pelvic floor bit. No one wants their uterus falling out or wants to pee on themselves while they’re on a jog. If you have any concerns, get yourself to ProRehab (used to be Dunn Physical Therapy). I talked about them in some of my other new mom articles. They can help get all your parts back in order!
  8. Double check that your running shoe size is the same. I went up half a size.
  9. Enjoy the silence of those runs. I used to try to double down on mom podcasts while I ran but eventually took that as my time to listen to my own music or an audiobook. Take that time!
This list is a lot, but feeling the power of accomplishing physical goals is so, so sweet as a new mom. I have found that sticking to a running schedule has gotten more challenging with multiple kids in different childcare settings. But, with the right amount of scheduling and flexibility, it still works. Keep pushing forward and happy trails!


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