Easy Twisty Tie Crafts


My family goes through loaves of bread often, so we have a drawer full of twisty ties. You know me, and I have to find a way to reuse them besides closing up other bags. I found a few easy twisty tie crafts I have listed below. We most often use them for cable management since we always have electronic cables everywhere. I highly recommend adding a label so you know which cord is what, especially when you move things around. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas!

easy twisty tie craftsSecure plant stalks to support stakes.

Kitchen Drawer Utensil Organizer – Contain loose skewers, chopsticks, measuring spoons and cups.

End Of Tape Guide – If you don’t have a handy tape dispenser and you are trying to work with shipping tape or duct tape, stick a twist tie loop under the end of the tape before setting it down. The next time you reach for the tape, you won’t have to spend minutes trying to find the starting section of tape. Just lift and remove the twist tie loop and you’re ready to continue taping.

Attach vines to a trellis – Some twist ties have a softer plastic coating which work well for securing vines or roses to a trellis.

In-a-pinch Christmas ornament hanger – The green ones only, of course. 

Hanging plant label markers on trees or shrubs – Use a twist tie to secure markers to tree or shrub branches.

Hang Christmas lights on trees or bushes – Twist ties come in handy for securing the lights while you’re up on a ladder.

Bind together loose leaf paper – Isn’t that what those 3 holes are for anyway?

Secure Embroidery Floss – Once that small strip of paper comes off the floss, it usually turns into a mangled mess.

Repair Garden Netting – Trying to keep birds off your berries or herons out of your koi pond but the netting is torn? Just fashion together some black twist ties to repair the hole.

Contain Other Twist Ties – If you aren’t storing the twist ties in a container, you can use one of the larger twist ties and wrap it around the others to keep them neatly together.

Rubber Band Ring – Round up all the rubber bands in your junk drawer and use a twist tie to bind them together.

DIY Face Mask Wire Bridge – If you’re making your own face mask, you can use a twist tie for the nose bridge so that the mask will conform its shape.

Hang Wreaths Or Garland – Feed a twist tie around the back supports or a branch and close it into a circle to facilitate hanging.

Stubborn Or Broken Zipper Pulls – Tiny needle nose pliers work best for this issue but not everyone has those lying around.

DIY Ribbon Bow Wire – If you are making your own gift bow, secure the center of the loops with a tie.

Emergency Button Repair – If you don’t have a needle and string handy, just push the twist tie through the button holes and then feed the ends through the fabric hole.

Book – How cute especially to make a nature journal or scrapbook!

Gift Tags – How cute especially for homemade gifts and treats!

Horse – What other animals could you create?

Terrific Fun – Easy activities to work on fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination!

Popper – How cute to wrap candy or small gifts in and perfect to use up scrap wrapping paper!

twisty tie crafts printable
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