Learning to Read by Graphic Novels


learning to read by graphic novelsI never thought I’d say it, but I highly recommend learning to read by graphic novels! My oldest seemed to learn to read overnight. He started first grade barely reading any words and was accelerated by the end. I give all the credit to his awesome teachers and school librarian. They found books he liked and fed his thirst to read. Soon, he asked for Dogman and Catkid books, which he would read in the car before we got home!

My middle son started Kindergarten on NTI and ended that year barely knowing his sounds. I promise this was not due to his teacher or any lack of effort. He would get so frustrated that he couldn’t read and luckily, he was placed with the most awesome reading recovery teacher in first grade. She got him to build his confidence and start to love to read. In turn, I found him his own graphic novels on his level.

At first, I was very skeptical about buying graphic novels, thinking they were just comic books. I can honestly say that graphic novels are now helping my youngest read as well. I am a strong believer in finding books that interest your child to further their love of reading. I know my boys love the Scholastic book fair just as much as I did as a kid! Below are some of my boy’s favorite graphic novel series:

Adventures in Cartooning – ages 3-12

Catkid Comic Club – ages 6-9

Diary of a Wimpy Kid – ages 8-12

Dogman – ages 6-9

Grumpy Monkey – My middle son loves these books and was so excited to see they have two graphic novels now!

Mighty Jack – ages 10-14

Minecraft – My kids love to play this, so why not let them read it? – ages 8-12

I know how hard it is to watch your kid struggle to sound out words and read. I have been through this process with all three of mine. If I’ve learned anything it is to find a book about something they love. Mine ask to read every night now before they go to bed! I am so excited because now I finally get to do all the voices as I read!!!


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