Beth Rush

Beth Rush
Beth is the Managing Editor at Body+Mind. She is passionate about writing about parenting, nutrition, mental health and fitness. In her spare time, Beth enjoys going for runs with her dog and trying out new recipes.
family mental health day

Family Mental Health Day {5 Activities to do in Louisville}

There are some parts of the year when your entire family feels burnt out and needs a break. Those times are when you need to know how to plan a family mental health day....
sustainable food choices

Sustainable Food Choices :: What are They and How They Impact My Family

Sustainable food choices might be the last thing on your mind when making your family hot brown sandwiches. Ethically-sourced food is a crucial part of dinner. Why is eating sustainable food important? Well, it...
does your child seem quieter than normal

My Child Seems Quieter {10 Ways to Get Them to Open Up}

Have you thought, "My child seems quieter than normal"? The stereotype about teenagers is that they are always reserved and moody. However, if you’ve found that your child is just as quiet in the...
6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy While Working From Home

Working From Home {6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy & Happy}

Working from home (WFH) while simultaneously taking care of your kids feels a lot like running a race. You’re riding down the Churchill Downs track with people closing in on either side of you....
4 Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy

4 Ways Your Child Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy {And When You Should Seek...

It can be challenging to know what to do when your child is diagnosed with a disability, has been in an accident or isn’t meeting developmental milestones. You want the best for your child...
how to look after your child's physical and mental health this winter

How to Look After Your Child’s Mental and Physical Health This Winter

Winter can be a challenging time. In many areas, it's too cold to take your child outside for long periods, and they may get bored or upset with being confined indoors all the time....
activities to relieve stress while connecting with your child

Activities to Relieve Stress While Connecting With Your Child

Stress is inevitable in life, and it’s vital to learn how to cope and deal with obstacles thrown your way. There’s power in connection as you deal with challenges as a family. However, sometimes...

Top 5 Outdoor Outings for Kids in Kentucky

Between phones, tablets, and video game systems, it’s harder than ever to get kids away from their screens and enjoy what the sun and nature offer. Outdoor activities for kids offer many benefits, including...

11 Best Kid-Friendly, Gluten-Free Snacks

It’s tough to raise a child with a food allergy or sensitivity. Wheat is one of the most common culprits. Although slightly over 1% of the population has celiac disease – a disorder in...

3 Tips for Explaining Addiction to Your Child

Whether you, one of your close family members, or friends is an addict, or if you want your kid to be informed on the topic, explaining addiction to a child can be difficult. How...