Beth Rush

Beth Rush
Beth is the Managing Editor at Body+Mind. She is passionate about writing about parenting, nutrition, mental health and fitness. In her spare time, Beth enjoys going for runs with her dog and trying out new recipes.
outsmart picky eaters

Outsmart Picky Eaters with These 9 Mealtime Hacks

Picture this: You just saw a Bats game with the hubby and your little one. After all the cheering, you’re ravenous and driving through Louisville, looking for a nice restaurant everyone can agree on....
10 inspiring parenting quotes

10 Inspiring Parenting Quotes for Hope and Strength

Do you recall waking up early to watch your child sleep in the peaceful quiet of the house? Or enjoying sandwiches during unplanned family picnics under the park trees? Think of those rainy days...
3 ways to test your water at home

3 Ways to Test Your Water at Home to Ensure It’s Safe for Drinking

You may drink eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated and think you’re doing your body good. Water is necessary to develop and maintain healthy bodies and minds, but what if it’s not...
7 toddler activities in louisville

7 Fun and Engaging Activities for Toddlers

When toddlers interact with the world around them, they grow and learn more. Getting them to experience everything they can is essential to their development. These 7 fun and engaging activities for toddlers will...
7 kid-friendly snacks for hot summer days

7 Kid-Friendly Snacks for Hot Summer Days

What’s your favorite memory of summer growing up? Maybe it was exploring the aquarium with your grandparents or playing hide-and-seek in your best friend’s backyard. Perhaps it was vacationing at the beach or going...
bedtime routine

Bedtime Routine for Kids {8 Steps}

You can’t always count on a trip to the Down Under Adventure Zoo to get your little one tuckered out for the night. Typical weeknights require a ritual to help your little one unwind...
4 great habits for kids

5 Great Habits to Instill in Kids from a Young Age

Children are the future, and the beliefs and daily practices they acquire when they’re young often stick with them for life. What are some good habits for children? How can you develop and encourage...
soaring child care costs

How to Handle Soaring Child Care Costs in 2023

Continuing shortages and post-pandemic inflation present financial challenges nationwide. The situation is even more difficult for families with kids, with one Louisville mom reporting she had to cut all extra spending — including snacks...
family and community engagement

8 Ways to Bolster Family and Community Engagement

One of the causes lurking behind Kentucky’s mental health crisis is a lack of a sense of belonging with others. Loneliness can be debilitating. How can you bring change? What are some ways to...
daddy daughter dance ideas

Daddy-Daughter Dance Ideas to Make the Day Extra Special

Father-daughter dances are excellent for making little girls feel like the princesses they are to their dads. There’s something so special about being a daddy’s girl—these dances are great for showcasing that. These daddy-daughter...