Snack-O-Lantern Delights :: Which Spooktacular Treats Will Haunt Your Halloween Movie Night?


snack-o-lantern delightsA great spooky movie wouldn’t feel complete without a Halloween-inspired collection of snacks. Skip the old chip-and-dip routine for an evening of snack-o-lantern delights. Anyone can recreate these Halloween treats before hitting play on their next horror film. They’ll please even the pickiest eaters, so everyone can have fun together.

1. Pretzel Snake Snacks

Pretzels are one of the more popular movie theater snacks. Research shows 33% of moviegoers get one when they’re catching a new film. Recreate the experience by making pretzel snakes.

Grab a box of pretzel mix and follow the directions, but roll the dough into snake shapes on a baking sheet. You can even dilute food dye and trace one color over each snake, highlighting them in green, red or black. Stick sliced cloves into the faces for eyes and carved gumdrops for tongues. It’s one of the easiest treats for a Halloween movie night besides visiting Nord’s Bakery.

2. Chocolate-Dipped Apple Pumpkins

Pick up some white baking chocolate at the grocery store before Halloween, mix orange food dye into the melted chocolate and dip apples on wooden skewers in it. When they cool, all you’ll need is green decorative icing to trace curling vines from each skewer base. It’s a healthier treat that may help balance all the sugar everyone will enjoy during Halloween.

3. Ghost-Themed Charcuterie Board

The next time you’re driving to downtown Louisville, stop by Stevens Deli for a fresh cut of roast beef or ham. The thinly sliced meat will create the protein foundation for a ghost-themed charcuterie board.

Pair your meats with pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate or ghost-shaped sugar cookies topped with powdered sugar. You could even get a ghost bowl and spoon spreadable cheese into it. Use mini chocolate chips for the eyes to create a snack with spirits nearly flying off the board.

You can even slice your cheeses and meats the day before to minimize your hosting duties right before the movie begins. However, ensure you store the charcuterie delights properly. Exposing meat and cheese to free-flowing air increases the odds of microbial spoilage, which could result in an emergency room visit due to upset stomach symptoms.

4. Prosciutto Eyeballs

If you want to make the most incredible spooktacular treats for Halloween snacks, get fresh balls of mozzarella and stuffed olives. Place the olives in the center of each cheese ball before wrapping them in prosciutto slices.

You’ll have a tray of eyeballs ready to enjoy in minutes. Make them before leaving to get last-minute costume accessories at the Party City by Watterson Park, or the Spirit Halloween on Lewis and Clark Parkway.

5. Spider PB & J Sandwiches

If your spooky Halloween movie night features lots of little minds excited for films like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” less-scary snacks might be what you want to serve. Give everyone spider sandwiches to keep them happy.

Cut pieces of bread into circles the size of your palm. Fill them with peanut butter and jelly before pressing another slice of bread on top. Next, break some mini pretzel sticks in half. Stick three legs into either side and press mini chocolate chips into the top for eyes. The spiders will fly off everyone’s plates when the kids see their tasty treats.

Kids with peanut allergies often experience bullying, so they may feel too embarrassed or uncomfortable to say something if peanut butter is the main treat at your movie night. Offer a separate plate with sunflower butter so everyone feels included.

6. Halloween Snack Mix

Trail mix is great during spring and summer months, but it needs to get more creative to be worthy of Halloween festivities. Transform it into a holiday movie snack by combining foods like these in bowls or themed bags:

  • Pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Candy corn
  • M&M’s
  • Chex

You can also add other things like peanuts if no one at your party has peanut allergies. It’s an easy finger food you can enjoy on Halloween and every other night of the year. Make some extra bags to eat between laps around the Iceland Sports Complex when skating season picks up in the coming weeks.

7. Mini Spiderweb Pizzas

Some of the best snack-o-lantern delights taste like crowd-pleasing foods like pizza. Separate pre-made pizza dough into small round balls before rolling them into the size of personal pizzas. Cover them with tomato sauce and line up mozzarella cheese so the shredded pieces create a spiderweb.

Once your pizzas bake according to the directions on the dough’s packaging, top each one with a plastic spider while they cool. People of all ages will love this creepy creation, especially with dips like blue cheese dressing or barbecue sauce.

8. Bandaged Toes

If you have some free time on your hands this Halloween, make bandaged toes for your movie party. Slice hot dogs into pieces the length of a big toe or at least 2 inches long. Wrap two-thirds of each hot dog in strips of refrigerated pie or crescent dough to create the bandages.

Use a fine knife to cut a tiny slit horizontally across each hot dog piece sticking out of the dough. Insert a flat almond slice to finish your creations with edible toenails. Everyone will get a laugh and a filling treat.

Serve Spooktacular Treats for Halloween Snacks

Keep the fun going at home after going on hay rides at Shaker Village or exploring Sleepy Hollow at Old Fort Harrod State Park. You can easily make treats for a Halloween movie night beyond a bowl of popcorn. Consider putting together snacks like spider sandwiches and snake pretzels after asking your guests what they’d love most when you press play on their upcoming movie.


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