Halloween Costume Maker or Just Being a Mommy?


When do you really feel like you’ve been inducted into the official Mom Club? I mean, I feel like I should have been inducted years ago since I have three kids…boys at that, so I get an extra star, right? I truly believe each of us moms have a different idea of the “perfect” mom and I’m here to tell you that y’all are all doing a great job.

I have a huge tote of Halloween costumes that I used to be able to just pick from as the boys didn’t really care since they were little. But we have now entered the era of wanting to be a certain creature or character. I am happy to order said costumes, but sometimes none can be found or they are simply too pricey. Now, enters my next Gold Star on my mom belt…making a costume!

I fondly remember my mom making our costumes for years, even dying fabric for my brother’s Darkwing Duck costume – that infamous purple dye in the spare bathroom shower. I wore my handmade costumes with pride, as we couldn’t always afford fancy costumes. But I knew mom always came up with a way to get us what we asked for; I am sure, much like Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors, which I adore reading to my boys.

In this world of having so many things at our fingertips, I was brought back down to Earth making my boy’s costumes last year. Now, let me clarify that I am able to sew, but I am piecing certain things together to make a complete costume.

I bought my oldest a black bodysuit which I will add accessories to, my second is wearing a gray workout suit and I’m making his spine, mask, and appendages from cardboard, and my youngest will need ski goggles and a helmet with his red clothes.

Making these items will take time, patience, and love.  I hope my boys remember that their mommy will take the time to make their wishes come true as often as she can. I mean, what kid doesn’t love homemade cookies, which I guarantee are made with love? Y’all are doing an awesome job and I guarantee your kids know it. Now, wish me luck not cutting myself with all this cardboard…




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