How to Wrap Odd-Shaped Presents


I love buying gifts and wrapping presents for the holidays, but I hate when you can tell what is wrapped by the odd shape of the package. I am not talking about wrapping a small gift inside a bunch of bigger boxes although that is one way to disguise a gift. I used to love wrapping items as large envelopes instead of using those rectangular boxes the store provides for clothing especially for sweatshirts to hoodies that don’t fit in them.

Here are a few ways to wrap odd-shaped presents:

How to Wrap a Cylinder or Cube Shaped Present

I have many cylinder shipping tubes that I keep for those long presents, so this link helps hide cylinder objects. Many items come in cube-shaped boxes, but sometimes you may want to add some flare to those shapes rather than just the typical wrapping.

How to Wrap a Football & Wine Bottle

I had no idea how to wrap a football and now I want to buy one to wrap up for my boys! I know I am guilty of giving wine bottles in the typical wine bottle bag, so this is a fun way to hide that. Make sure your recipients don’t shake it up though!

How to Make a Wrapping Paper Gift Bag

When I am in a pinch, I always grab the handy dandy gift bag with tissue paper. I have way more wrapping paper than bags though, so this is a really cute idea to make bags of paper!

How to Finish Wrapping When You Cut the Paper Too Short

I haven’t cut the paper too short in quite a few years, but I’m glad I have this trick now! I also use paper scraps to make labels because somehow I can never find my labels until I have wrapped all the presents.

How to Wrap a Large Present

I know we have all had that large present that is larger than the wrapping paper. Here is a fun way to wrap and cover up those seams.

Let us know your favorite way to wrap odd shaped gifts!


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