18 Toddler Easter Basket Ideas


As a parent, it feels like there is always a holiday or special occasion sneaking up on me. Birthdays, the Easter Bunny, Christmas from Mom and Dad AND Santa Claus…it’s never-ending. Yes, I know it was my decision to foster the belief in the Easter Bunny and Santa, but I remember the magic that I felt as a child when those mythical creatures came to visit. Still, it seems like I’m constantly Googling and searching for all the right things for my kiddo’s next mythical surprise. That’s why I thought it might be helpful to make a list of 18 toddler Easter basket ideas!

  • Sidewalk chalk: Since my little one is on the “taby” side of toddler, I went with this beginner set, but there are lots of egg shaped options for older toddlers and kids.
  • Bubble bath: As a semi-crunchy mom, I hate to buy the cartoon character bubble bath with all the artificial dyes and smells. I went with this middle-of-the-road option from Johnson and Johnson and will assess how it does with our sensitive skinned dude.
  • Snacks: Just some snack-sized variations of their favorites will do. At our house, we like Veggie Straws, fruit, and applesauce pouches.
  • Character toys: This could be a toy from any of your kiddo’s favorite characters. I just happened across a great deal on a Daniel Tiger trolley and figurine.
  • Easter themed books: I try to snatch these up at secondhand sales throughout the year. Little Treasures was a great place to find two or three books options for only a few dollars a piece. Challenge by choice whether these are more about the Easter bunny or religion.
  • Flash cards: We are going simple with some colors and letters, but you could get more complex depending on the age and advancement of your little.
  • Bubbles: Snag these at the dollar spot in Target or at the Dollar Tree. Just getting some bottles of bubbles can lead to loads of fun outside in the spring sunshine.
  • Bath toys/items: Boats, foam letters, bath crayons or paint, all great options. Just be sure to avoid items that can hold water, like rubber ducks, because they can grow mold.
  • Crayons and coloring books: Even at 18 months, my little guy loves to color (and sometimes eat crayons). Buy the non-toxic, kid friendly kind just to be absolutely safe if your little one decides to try them as a snack.
  • Puzzles: I personally love a good wooden puzzle for little ones, but we picked up our first matching puzzle for this occasion.
  • Water bottle: Our little guy has recently gotten obsessed with only having grown up drinks. (He drinks from my water tumbler with a reusable straw.) Giving him a water bottle all his own is a natural choice.
  • Toothbrush: If your kiddos are anything like mine, they are ROUGH on a toothbrush. It’s half cleaning tool, half teether. Frequent replacements are smart. Older toddlers love those electronic, character toothbrushes too.
  • Rainboots: April showers bring May flowers, and plenty of need for rainboots. This is only for the parents who dare to snag a really large basket.
  • Playdough: Buy at your own risk. This stuff gets messy with toddlers, but man do they love it.
  • Sunglasses: Little man sure LOVES his sunglasses I snagged at a clearance sale last year. Be careful if your little one has a big ole head like mine though, and don’t purchase based on age alone.
  • Candy: This is a personal choice, of course. We usually just stick a holiday themed Reese’s or two in their stocking/basket. If you are a nut-free home, look for some allergen friendly variations. Maybe a ring pop, a pixie stick, or m&m’s.
  • Water magic painting books: These are GREAT for travel! No mess and no worries about losing a bunch of little pieces.
  • Swimsuit: Buying summer clothes is a great way to get your kids excited for the warm weather this is coming soon.

My son’s first Easter, we also got him a personalized Easter basket. We will do the same with our second son for his first Easter next year. Choose the size of basket wisely — this will dictate how much stuff you have to buy to fill it every year. After Easter, I just tuck the baskets away with the paper grass still inside, so we can reuse it year after year and avoid it ending up all over the house.

Every year gets more and more precious, watching these little people come down the stairs to sweet surprises. Take that in, mama. Enjoy every moment of that excitement and joy. What’s on your list of toddler Easter basket ideas?


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