10 Easy Rainy Day Activities


I love a good summer thunderstorm, but it’s not really safe to play in the rain if there is lightning, now is it? Here are a few activities to do inside. If you haven’t already, check out my article on making a bottle light as well that you can use if the power goes out!

Paper Airplanes 

I always felt like I was not a good paper airplane maker but here are some easy ones to make. You can always draw a line and keep track of how far each airplane and participant gets for each flight.

Rocket Flinger 

What an easy way to make a slingshot!

Wind Chimes 

What kid doesn’t love something that makes sound?

Indoor Obstacle Course

My boys love these!

Scavenger Hunt 

My boys love when the library has these too!

Shadow Puppets 

What kid doesn’t love puppets? I fondly remember puppet shows at my library as a child.  You can even play if the power is out and use flashlights!


You can always play domino games or line them up even with similar objects to make a domino course!

Play in the Rain

If it’s not thundering or lightning, you can always get your raincoat and rain boots to go play in the rain!

Play Dough 

Check on my article about easy handmade play dough.


My boys always find something to do with a box!

Of course there are always board games and cards that you can play. I hope this helped you come up with some ideas for the next rainy day. Let us know your favorite rainy day activity. Don’t forget to tag us in pictures with #MomsAroundLouisville.


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