“Unserious” Generational Curses


unserious generational cursesThere has recently been a new social media trend going around, asking people to name an unserious generational curses that they are breaking. If you don’t know, a generational curse is a negative habit or practice that has been normalized in families and that is passed down over the generations. At some point over the generations, a person comes along and realizes that these habits or practices are unhealthy and not ok. They then try to move forward by breaking these generational curses in hopes of healing their families by instilling healthier habits.

This new social media trend started to name funny or silly habits, but quickly showed how insane some of our parents and families are. I’ve seen people name things from not being able to throw away stained Tupperware to children not being able to have a drink until they’ve finished eating their dinner. I began noticing that some of these things that are looked at as “no big deal” can actually have long term, negative effects on people.

As a content creator, I naturally decided to join in this trend. The generational curse that I chose to speak on was not punishing my kids for staying home from school because they are sick. As a child, I remember this being a thing. If you stay home, you’re not allowed to do anything, or because you’re home, you need to take care of chores. Being sick should not be a punishable offense. Why are kids in trouble because they don’t feel good? This literally blows my mind. If my kids are sick, they don’t even have to ask to stay home; they just do, because you shouldn’t send sick kids to school. They also know if they’re tired or overwhelmed, they can take a mental health day. I believe and know myself from experience that if you’re not in a good headspace, your performance is affected in a negative way.

I quickly realized that this habit was extremely relatable, because my video went viral! The main thing that stood out to me was the long-term effect that this “silly habit” had on people that are now adults. A lot of people put work over their own needs and care. People are associating being sick or needing rest as being lazy. They go to work when they’re dealing with trauma or in pain, because they don’t feel like they deserve a break. If it’s punishable, then you must be doing something bad, so to be good you must neglect yourself. Ultimately, that’s what this generational curse has taught people over time.

There are three great things that I have learned from looking at unserious generational curses in my own family and that I would like more people to learn:

  1. Children need a break sometimes. School can be a lot mentally and is honestly a disgusting place, because a lot of people send their kids to school sick. If your kid needs to heal, give them the time and space to do so.
  2. You deserve this same treatment! Sadly, most people in the workforce are just a number. Don’t neglect yourself for a place that will replace you in 24 hours or less.
  3. Mental health is just as important as physical health for children and adults. Our minds need a break, and taking a day to breathe and just be is sometimes the best medicine.


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