Louisville Guide to Amazon Mom Must-Haves

As the largest collective of local moms in the Louisville, Kentucky area, we love that you trust our recommendations! This list of faves available on Amazon are completely our own recos and are not solicited by any seller on Amazon. These are affiliate links.
For many of us moms, it seems more feasible to get our shopping done online vs. getting the kids all in masks, trying to worry about making sure they aren’t touching everything in the stores, etc. Our local team of mamas created this round-up of our Amazon mom must-haves. 

To read what local moms say about these items, check out the idea lists on our Amazon page and see the comments that came with the recos. Long-time online shoppers are used to reading the reviews before making a purchase. There are just so many options right now out there – more so than ever before. And, spam reviews have been making it harder to decide what it really worth your hard-earned dollars. That is exactly why we put this resource together. The moms in our community have been trusting our recommendations on all things motherhood for years, and we hope these personal shares will make your online shopping experience just a little bit easier.

Local Mamas' Top Recommendations for Shopping on Amazon

Get the Full Local Mom Reco List

Cincinnati, Dayton, NKY, & Louisville moms share their favorites HERE!

Let us know in the comments what your top picks are!


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