We are so grateful to our partners that have helped make this challenge of wellness and self-love more fun with GIVEAWAYS!

We’re kicking off February this year with a month of self-love and #WellnessWednesdays. Join us on a journey of taking care of YOU!

Louisville Wellness Wednesdays

Looking for family-friendly fun this February as well? Play our LMC Bingo HERE! Also, we’ve created a “Love Yourself!” calendar for the 28 days in the month of love as well. Click the image below to get your printable and practice self-care more than just Wednesdays with us.

Love Yourself Challenge


This month, we are starting a weekly series #LMCWellnessWednesday on Instagram!

Our contributors will be including ways that they practice self-care: through the food that they eat to how they stay active to how they slow down and unwind.

Everyone thinks of love for the month of February, so we’re promoting ways to practice self-care and to LOVE YOURSELF. Wellness doesn’t have to be expensive or complex; just something that fits into your life. We encourage you to participate and tag us in your photos. Each week, we will highlight a way to love yourself:

✨ Week 1 :: Meditation
✨ Week 2 :: Nutrition & Hydration
✨ Week 3 :: Movement
✨ Week 4 :: Pampering

At the end of the month, we will have a giveaway (or several!) from local businesses! Share your wellness photos on your IG account with the tag #LMCWellnessWednesday and #MomsAroundLouisville. Get all the details on this POST.

Giveaway Sponsors

(more being announced soon)

Week 1 :: Meditation

Part of meditating is getting in the right mindset to meditate.

  • Samples of It Works! Sleepy Tea
  • “Sleepy Tea is calming, relaxing, and restorative. I am naturally high-stress, so I need some assistance in calming my mind and body enough to meditate. This tea is my favorite way to end my evenings.” ~ Courtney S.

Slow down and calm your mind with Usborne Books and Rachel Whims.

Affirm your self-worth with Affirmation Cards from team member, Jinky Brown

  • Affirmation Cards

Week 2 :: Nutrition & Hydration

We all need to drink half our body weight in ounces of water. And… if we have caffeine, we have to drink 1.5 times the amount in water just to balance it out. Sometimes, plain water just gets too much to keep chugging!

  • Sample of It Works! Hydrate+
  • “When I’m over the plain water taste, I add in a packet of Hydrate+ to my glass to stay hydrated and get my electrolytes. The lemon burst flavor is good, and it’s Keto friendly!” ~ Courtney S.

Stay hydrated in style with the Louisville Mom Collective water bottle!

Week 3 :: Movement

For overall wellness, we’ve got to keep moving, whether that’s a run, a walk, a yoga class, a trip to the gym, or more. However, what do you do for your body AFTER you’re done moving?

  • Sample of It Works! Best Fat Fuel
  • “After I get a run or power walk in, I make up a smoothie with protein almond/cashew milk, half a banana, a tablespoon of unsweetened sunflower butter, and a packet of chocolate-flavored Best Fat Fuel. The chocolate mousse is one of the best I’ve ever had, and I actually enjoy my post-movement treat! My body feels good from it too, and I love that it’s Non-GMO, Keto friendly, and soy free.” ~ Courtney S.

Week 4 :: Pampering

Coffee can be one of the best ways to pamper ourselves as moms! What’s better is that some coffee can actually help you on your fitness goals…

  • Sample of It Works! Skinny Brew Fat-Burning Coffee Blend
  • “I LOVE how I feel in the mornings when I started using this instant French roast Skinny Brew. I always am happier when I have my coffee (ask my kid and hubs!), but this blend keeps me fuller longer and has helped me shed some COVID pounds already.” ~Courtney S.

Get your pampering on with The Loft at Hubbards!

Treat yourself to some new earrings from Thomas WoodWorking KY

We hope that #WellnessWednesdays will continue throughout this year. After 2020, we all deserve to focus on our overall wellness in 2021. Excited for you to join us, Louisville area mamas!


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