Four Outdoor Destinations to Visit near Louisville


four outdoor destinationsWith schools currently closed and students spending much of their day in front of a computer screen for Non-Traditional Instruction, parents are eager for children to burn some energy. The outdoors is the best place! Below are four outdoor destinations that are free (or donation-based) and are ideal for children of all ages. Let the exploring commence!

#1 The Parklands of Floyds Fork

Located in eastern and southeastern Louisville, The Parklands have something for everyone. 4,000 acres span across 4 parks: Beckley Creek, Pope Lick, Turkey Run, and Broad Run. These parks follow Floyds Fork Creek and offer miles of trails for running, biking, and paddling. Many of the trails are kid-friendly so the little ones can collect as many rocks and acorns as their pockets can hold!

#2 Blackacre State Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead

Located right off of Taylorsville Road, this tucked away nature preserve is only a 25 minute drive east of downtown Louisville. The main attractions are the horses and goats who are more than eager to eat carrots or apples brought by visitors. The newest colt was born earlier this summer and is a most beloved friend with the little ones. Along with the horses are a couple of barn kittens who will gladly accept attention from visitors. A little walk from the homestead are a number of trails. The Waterfall Trail is the most popular!

#3 Brown Park

Located in St. Matthews, Brown Park is a park for everyone. There are paved trails over 28 acres of park land. Runners and cyclists enjoy this park without having to worry about busy intersections of traffic. Young and old alike love to visit and feed the ducks and geese that frequent the park.

#4 Cherokee Park

This park is on the most visited within Louisville city limits and a personal favorite! Many runners and cyclists enjoy the 2.4 mile scenic loop. It is currently closed to all vehicle traffic, but when it’s open, there is one lane for vehicles and another lane for pedestrians. Off the Scenic Loop are a number of trails for runners and hikers. There is something for everyone of all ages!

Where will you explore first in our beautiful city?

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