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Guest Blogger
kayfield academy early childhood education centers louisville

Kayfield Academy Early Education Centers are the Best!

Kayfield Academy has a long and rich history in Louisville (and beyond!). Charlotte Kay (Hojnacki) opened her first early education center in September 1973. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in social science...
big four arts festival big four bridge

Chill Nostalgic Vibes at Big Four Arts Festival

The end of Summer in Louisville always excites me for those chill nostalgic vibes at Big Four Arts Festival. It is a family fest on the river that reminds me of the home-grown art...
How to Prepare your Child for Back-to-School in Louisville

How to Prepare Your Child for Back-to-School in Louisville

To learn more about Morgan and Morgan, click here. Summer is almost over, and kids are soon going back to school. As a parent, planning everything can be overwhelming, especially knowing how much help kids...

Start the Conversation {The SEX Talk}

It’s time. Start the conversation. Your children are beginning to ask the questions. How did I get in your tummy? Where do babies come from? And you like all parents, pretend like you didn’t...

5 Easy Ways to Support Your Child Outside of Their Occupational Therapy Sessions

When you extend your child’s occupational therapy activities at home, you can accelerate their progress. However, doing so doesn’t require the same things they do at therapy. You can have fun while increasing their...

Growing Up with Two Moms

A few weeks ago, a friend reached out and asked if I would be interested in writing a piece about being a mom. More specifically, being a lesbian mom. I considered what I would...
my child was missing milestones metro united way

My Child was Missing Milestones {How to Determine if Your Child is on Track}

When my son was 8 months old, something about his development just didn’t seem quite right. I was a fairly new mom. I didn’t know much about milestones, or what he should be doing...

My Community {And Finding Yours}

Last week, someone asked if I had seen the Prime comedy show, “Community.” I had not even heard of it, but I did a little research since I like me some Chevy Chase and...

Raising a Child with Down Syndrome {A Mother’s Journey to Advocacy}

My husband and I received our daughter, Stella’s, Down Syndrome diagnosis prenatally.  We went through a myriad of emotions, including devastation, anger, fright and sadness.  I’ve always described those first few weeks as our...

What’s in Today’s Weekly Ad?

Funny, the things that shape us… and in turn, will shape our children.  We were having dinner with friends and talk turned to our parents. This mom shared how she would go shopping with...