Lisa O'Keefe

Lisa O
I am a hot-mess homeschooling mom to three adventure-loving kids. Our family loves exploring Louisville’s beautiful natural areas and parks, as well as selecting large stacks of books from one of the city’s fantastic libraries. I am a big introvert, but if you want to get me talking, bring up my passions of children’s literature or breastfeeding. I could go on for hours! When I get a rare quiet moment to myself, I like to savor it with a cup of locally roasted coffee and either a classic novel or a black and white movie.

Louisville Holiday Gift Guide

Presenting your annual Louisville holiday gift guide! Whether you're looking for awesome new gift ideas for your kids, want experiences to gift, or are searching for a good cause to gift to on behalf...

Savoring Time When You Are Losing Your Mind

There is a lot of cliché advice experienced parents offer to expecting families without thinking. While “sleep when the baby is sleeping” is near the top of the list for unrealistic guidance, the worst...

Kids in the Kitchen {Easy Mac & Cheese}

Pediatric Feeding Expert Melanie Potock once wrote, “Consider that cooking, like music, drama, dance, and other forms of creative expression, is an art. Art is a form of play.” I witnessed this first-hand. A few...

Tips for Sneaky Summer Learning

When I began homeschooling my oldest, I had planned to follow the public-school calendar for our breaks. It made sense initially because most of our friends attend traditional school, so having breaks when they...
dirty kids need clean personal care products

Dirty Kids Need Clean Personal Care Products

One of the goals our family made for 2022 was to increase the number of hours we spent outdoors by participating in the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge. My kids have loved every second of...

Asian-American Authors and Illustrators

My daughter has blonde hair and blue eyes. It is not difficult for her to look through the shelves at our library to find characters that look like her. Her best friend is Filipino-American,...

4 Ways to Help a Grieving Friend

“I am so sorry, Mrs. O’Keefe. We cannot find a heartbeat.” I have heard those words before. Several times before. This time, though, it was in week 40 of my pregnancy. My healthy baby...

A “Hot Mess” Mom’s Update on Organization

For those who are curious if I have given up on my adventure to being a more organized person: fear not! I have a happy update. Time for a "hot mess" mom's update on...

3 Outdoor Spots in Louisville to Visit This Spring

I love a good sunset, but I am thankful that they are coming later these days. Spring is just around the corner, and this homeschool mom is ready to enjoy some outdoor learning time...

A “Hot Mess” Mom’s Plan for Organization

I don’t wear the title of “hot mess” with honor, but it is accurate. I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. So, I share with you, a "hot mess" mom's plan...